Much ado about the buzz

The #edcmooc starts in a week, and already it gathers a lot of attention. Some participants have been busy gearing up as early as three months before the kick-off, and words like “keeping up” and “overwhelming” flow by on the Google+ stream. It feels a little like embarking on a journey, only to find out it is actually a race, and people have already started running. (One MOOC survival tip pops into my mind: pace yourself.)
But what else to expect of a massive open online course that aims to reflect on elearning? It is very “meta”, very buzzable, and perfectly able to throw its participants in a recursive loop of massively tweeting about the massive amounts of tweets generated about the buzz around this course that hasn’t started yet. (Except that it has started of course.)


9 thoughts on “Much ado about the buzz

  1. Good points Sara. It’s certainly high time to focus as the course begins, and suss out what we actually want to learn and how we are going to do it. You’re right, it can be very “meta” I’ve noticed that too. Good idea to pace yourself, as you say. I think to make some goals for yourself and stick to them can also help stem the feeling of being overwhelmed, and can also put that sense of having to “keep up” in perspective.

  2. Hi Sara, it is all a bit overwhelming, and in many respects it has been from the beginning. Wait for the forums, they can be insanely hectic. In my last MOOC, I have never seen a race like it, every week to be the first to post and get as many upvotes as possible! I dipped out and just enjoyed the content, after all, that is what most of us sign up for. Good luck!

    • Indeed Angela, trying to keep up in a MOOC is a race lost in advance. Better is to take in the scenery, smell the roses, and let your own course/learning objectives define your path.
      Good luck to you to!

  3. Hi Sara,
    I’ve been fortunate to have started early and formed valuable connections. I got overwhelmed at first and can get that way again if I don’t stay focused. The key for me, is reading the the blogs and post of those 6 or 7 close connections and then branching out to one other new connection every few days. At the beginning, I was all over the place trying to absorb everything, I’ve calmed down some since. I’m sure you will find the perfect pace. Good luck.

    • Hi Willa! I do wonder how the early birds came to the course. Was it already posted on Coursera in November?
      I think I’ll stick to the Google+ board, it has just the right size for me, and just the right amount of interesting links and readings…

      • I don’t know why we were sent that early e-mail in November. Maybe it was because we signed up early. I signed up in late August. I am glad that I got started early because I really had no Web 2.0 skills whatsoever.

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