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Hi, my name is Sara Roegiers. After my MA in Modern History at the University of Leuven, Belgium, from which I graduated in 2001 with a thesis on the affordances of digital media for historical representations, I went on to get a post-academic “Webmaster” degree.
I have to put brackets on “Webmaster”, because it is such an outdated term. In those days, if you were in charge of a website you were likely to do everything yourself, from server administration to web design.

I stayed at the university to collaborate in various e-learning projects. We made a few CD-ROMs for classroom use, but when the time came that students had better access to the Internet, I collaborated on several platforms based on existing open source tools to allow distance collaboration between an international student group.
We started to use wikis as a collaboration tool back when they were still called  “wikiwikis”. That always got a  laugh at presentations. I think now most people believe wiki is short for Wikipedia.

My biggest project as a teaching assistant was a web design course for MA students at the Faculty of Literature, in which I tried to incorporate a massive variety of tools (blog, forum, wiki, image software, social bookmarking tools, presentation software, mashups), and learn students how to read and write basic HTML and CSS code.

Right now I am living in New York City and updating my skills. My current interests are UX design, usability and instructional design/learning design in open online courses.

Twitter: @SRoegiers


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  1. I just added you to my #edcmooc Personal Learning Network map: http://goo.gl/maps/hN3aD. Now I see that you are also in #etmooc – I’m going to join in over there now that #edcmooc is wrapping up (participated in the Belshaw session and my colleague @JeffMerrell has been filling me in).


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